PVC Chicken Feeder with Meter

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

The “PVC Chicken Feeder Meter”

I’m not sure if anyone else has done this, but if you have, it will confirm that my idea was a good one! I just finished my coop and I wanted a way for my wife and kids to tell if the chickens needed more food without having to open the coop, unhook the feeder, open the lid and look into it. Sometimes you just want to get your eggs and get back into the house. I needed something on the outside of the coop to tell them what the feed level was inside the PVC feeder. This would make their trip to the coop more efficient as they would bring back valuable data in addition to the eggs.

Here is what I did: I made the feeder based on many different designs I saw on Google images. I made a “weight” to sit on top of the food.  The weight would be tied to another object, which would dangle on the outside of the coop.  As the chickens eat the feed and the amount of food decreases, the weight goes down, and the object on the outside would then go up, indicating that my girls were running on “E”.

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

I decided to use weed whacker wire as the string. I didn’t want twine or butcher string fraying and getting caught on the wood.

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

Drilled a hole in the cap. I didn’t go straight in and out. I worked it quite a bit on an angle to lessen the friction on the wire.

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

Putting everything back together.

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

I used a tape measure as a weight for testing purposes.

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

Fitting the PVC feeder into the coop.

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

Once I new where the top of the feeder was inside the coop, I was able to drill a hole all the way through the coop for my wire.

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

For the stopper thingy, I used the handle from an old wok that my wife accidentally set on fire. I cut a small piece off of the handle to use. It was light weight and whatever I used as a weight would easily pull it up when the level lowered inside the feeder.

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

And the water bottle says, “Take a load off, Annie. And you put the load right on me!” This is “The Weight” for “The Feeder”…….. awesome! (that’s a good song to have stuck in your head!)

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

This was a little tricky. A scooper would be nice. (my “scooper” was the photographer)

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

Loaded up and ready for sea trials, Captain!

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

This is a good look at the wire coming out of the cap and going out of the coop through the wall.

PVC Chicken Feeder Meter

To mark the levels I just emptied half and marked it, then emptied the whole thing and marked it.

The whole feeder is 34″ high. I measured the empty level to be at the last easy-to-reach level for the chickens, not the absolute bottom.

I’m sure this design would work with a PVC waterer too (with the chicken nipples). You can just use a float instead of a weight. We’ll be trying that out next. If you decide to make this little enhancement, PLEASE send me a pic at eighthrising@gmail.com. I would love to see it!

Read Chicken Coop from a Playhouse to see the coop.

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9 thoughts on “PVC Chicken Feeder with Meter

  1. That’s a GREAT idea. I just finished making those type of feeders and was about to install them this weekend. Now I just have to add your meter idea and they will be the BEST. Thanks for shareing on Pinterset.

  2. I thought of this just the other day for the water feeder using a fishing bobber. And I thought I was a genius but I guess I’m nut the only one. Great job!

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