Pallet Wood Desk or Table

While rearranging our home to prepare for 4 kids doing homework at the same time, we realized we needed another desk. My 13 year old happened to be punished from all electronics at the time so he took ownership of the idea and and design of the desk. We decided to use wood from some pallets I got from a local pet shop and had just finished breaking them up. The only new wood we used was 4, 8ft 2×4’s that we glued together and cut down to 3″x3″ table legs (Here is the site I used for the legs). It wasn’t too difficult, but when you use pallet wood there are always unexpected little obstacles you need to work through.  We finished the wood using this technique on beyondthepicketfence. The skirt is attached using pocket screws. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will answer them.

Here are the pics:

Table top

painting slats

Painting slats

The trick here is to paint them whatever color you want, then sand them down to expose wood. The wood will then accept the stain and give you an old, islandy feel.

Attaching Legs

Attaching Legs

pocket hole skirt

My son wanted to keep this table as reclaimed as possible so we used pallet wood 2x4s as the skirt pieces.


bottom view

table top

I rounded over the edges of the legs using my router. You can really see how good the legs came out. I will be using this method again! Also, my son did not want to taper the legs, but I can’t wait to do that on the next project.



table top

table top

I wanted to wrap the table top in a 1×2 to cover the edges, but I got lazy and talked myself into liking it the way it was. 🙂 You can really see the pallet wood skirt here too.

table top

If I had to do it all over I would use a much darker stain. This looks good, but I prefer it darker.



2 thoughts on “Pallet Wood Desk or Table

  1. Your desk looks fantastic! Thanks so much for using the post on the table legs – I really appreciate that! Can’t wait to see your next project!

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