Africa Part 1: Healing Faith Uganda

It all started when my friend Jess decided to fly to Uganda one summer to serve “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40). That was five years, one adoption, and many touched lives ago. Jessica fell in love with Uganda and it’s people and decided then and there that she would be back every year to serve the various ministries that the Lord put in her path. She has done so with great courage and determination, and has been trying to get me on that plane for the past two years. Two weeks ago, she finally got her wish.

Jessica and I (and many of our close friends and family) are a part of the Young Living Essential Oils family. Not only have we used these amazing products to support our family’s health journey, but are honored to be a part of such a generous company. Knowing that Young Living has a long history of giving to the needy communities of the world, Jessica reached out to the Director of Philanthropy of the Young Living Foundation (formerly the D. Gary Young Foundation), Nikki Davis, to tell her about the many ways she had been using Young Living products in these various ministries in Uganda – and asked if they were willing to participate and see what God was doing.

Following two consecutive weekends of their International Convention, Nikki Davis not only brought awareness to these ministries, but raised over $1 Million dollars to support the amazing things they were doing for the people of Uganda!

Two weeks ago, I, along with a team of four other dear friends, embarked on Nikki’s journey to Uganda to flush out the details of how the money that the generous Young Living community raised could make the biggest impact for these ministries. To say that it was an honor to serve alongside these women is the understatement of the century.

Over the course of the next week, I will be writing about each individual ministry and our time spent serving with them and for the people of Uganda.


Today I want to talk about our time spent with the Healing Faith Uganda ministry.

About Healing Faith Uganda

Healing Faith is a ministry that seeks to provide healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually to the people of Uganda. Founded by Jason and Kari Segner in 2011, Healing Faith’s ministry is divided into two main branches: 1) Village Ministry and 2) Malaria Outreach.

Their village ministry is currently comprised of three different programs:

  • A women’s ministry that focuses on at risk pregnant mothers
  • A children’s ministry that aims to encourage and show love to the most vulnerable of this country
  • An at-risk teen program for boys that uses sports to break the cultural boundaries and reach the hearts of what could be the future leaders, husbands and fathers of this country

A woman near her home in the village of Wakisi. Most of these homes are made of sun baked mud bricks and all of them are without electricity and plumbing.

Their Malaria Outreach is the branch that we were able to be a part of during our time there, and let me tell you folks – these people are the hands and feet of Jesus. Jason and Kari’s hearts were burdened for the people of Uganda. They saw a tremendous need, and are meeting it.

Malaria is preventable, treatable, and curable, yet it remains a leading killer for children under five in Uganda. When the Segner’s arrived in Uganda in 2012 they learned there were no ministries or NGOs focusing on malaria prevention, education, and treatment. In 2013 the Malaria Outreach Program was officially formed with the goal of educating, equipping, and empowering the people of Uganda against the malaria epidemic that is plaguing their lives.

The donations that were collected at Young Living’s Convention supplied 1500 mosquito nets (we wiped the suppliers out of stock, but have many more on the way!) for HFU’s malaria outreach program!


Our team in front of the pharmacy where 1500 mosquito nets were purchased!

How we served

During our time spent with the Segner’s, we traveled to the remote village of Wakisi and hung 26 mosquito nets over sleeping mats and beds, which will help protect 55 parents and children from the mosquitos that cause malaria.


The day’s tally – 26 nets; 55 protected bodies!

Upon entering the home, we removed our shoes and stood on the bed to locate a spot in which to hang each net – usually on a stick that serves as the foundation of the home.


A home made of mud and sticks. The sticks were used to provide a place to hang each malaria net.


My sweet friend Hailey hanging a mosquito net in a village home.

Through the program, Healing Faith partners with villages to provide critical education about how to prevent malaria and identify the signs and symptoms of the devastating disease. After the education phase is complete, the malaria team goes house to house in the villages to hang nets in the homes of those people who attended the malaria education meeting and answer follow-up questions about malaria and how to care for the nets.


Nikki Davis, Director of Philanthropy of the Young Living Foundation is seen here with two recipients of mosquito nets.


A precious boy under his new net.

There are just no words that can accurately convey the feeling of performing such a simple task that can have life altering implications. Walking through the village under the warm African sun, we were accompanied by several children in the village. As they held our hands along the red dirt path that connected one home to another, I was humbled by the honor to be a part of something so special and was reminded that yes, one person CAN make a difference.

After the nets are hung in each home, the team gathers around the residents to pray over each of them – that they would continue to be protected from disease, and that they would know and feel the love of their Heavenly Father, Jesus.


Our team praying for the owners of the house.

How YOU can help

Guess what?  YOU can be a part of this amazing ministry and it doesn’t require you to travel to Uganda (though if you want to do that, please feel free to contact me at kklodato (at) gmail (dot) com for more info).

The really good news is that each mosquito net used to protect these precious people comes at a cost of only $5 each!  If you can spare just one Starbucks coffee a week, you can have a hand in saving a life.

The amazing thing about giving through The Young Living Foundation is that ALL proceeds (yes – 100%) are given to these ministries. There are no deductions for administrative purposes – every dollar goes to the ministry. To give, simply click here, and when checking out, indicate which ministry you would like to donate to.

You can also start your own fundraising campaign for Healing Faith Uganda by partnering in their Nickels For Nets program.

Raise awareness. Raise money. BE THE CHANGE.



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