Fundraising for Life

I can remember the exact moment I found out that I was pregnant with my first child.  I sat in the living room of a co-worker and stared at the stick in astonishment, trying to mask my terror at what lay ahead.  I was too ashamed to walk the green mile to the drug store to buy my own pregnancy test so she invited me to her place because she happened to have an extra on hand.  I barely knew this woman and here I was in her home, finding out that my life was going to be forever changed, trying not to completely lose it right there in front of her.  That’s supposed to be a happy moment for a person, and yet here I was experiencing the news of the miraculous gift of life that was wrapped in a package of my poor life choices.  It was an odd juxtaposition of beauty and sorrow.

After finally coming to terms with my decision to trust that God knew what he was doing when He allowed me to steward this child in my womb, I was met with a whole new set of emotions when I befriended a couple that had been trying to conceive for five years with no success.  And yet here I was, a hot mess at 20 years old with no husband, no money, no clue what I would do with my life or how to raise a human being – pregnant without intent.  I felt like a thief.  I felt like I had stolen a blessing that belonged to someone else.  My fear at the sight of the little blue line felt like blasphemy to so many who had longed and prayed for the same results.  Of course I know now that the guilt I felt was unnecessary.  The good news is that while the beginning of my journey into motherhood was filled with fear and uncertainty, a beautiful child followed.  Motherhood has blessed me and matured me in ways I could never have imagined.  It has made me a better human, and I am heartbroken for those that long to parent a child but are unable to conceive.

Knowing and walking with several other couples since then that have struggled with infertility has given me a new perspective of gratitude for my own blessings.  Some dear friends of ours have walked this difficult journey and have a beautiful baby boy to show for the many prayers submitted and tears shed.  My dear friend Jessica, who along with her husband Van, not only soldiered through IVF – twice – but have remained transparent with everyone around them and serve as a sounding board and cheerleaders for others fighting their own battles with infertility.  She’s even started a blog and community called Infertile Mommas.  I am a proud, proud friend.


They’ve recently made the courageous decision to give IVF another try in hopes that they can give their son a brother or sister.  I encourage you to read her letter to Cole, her son.  Grab a tissue first.  This is neither easy physically and emotionally, but is also a considerable financial commitment.  Frank and I feel led to lessen this burden however we can, and thought that a fundraiser would be a great way to help lighten the load.  We believe that no one should be denied the blessing of a child and consider IVF and the medical advancements therein to be a beautiful way for people to build families.

As explained in her post here, one of the many different foods that you eat while trying to conceive is pineapple, due to it containing an enzyme called bromelain, which can help boost fertility.  Since the pineapple has become a symbol of sorts in the infertility community as well as being somewhat of a trend these days in fashion and decor, I thought it would be a great thing to put on a t-shirt.


Cute, right?!?!  This graphic was designed by my supremely talented friend Ali and will be screenprinted on t-shirts by our friends at Doubleplay Sports.  If, like us, you would love to help offset the cost of IVF treatments for a special family, please consider purchasing a t-shirt.  100% of the proceeds will go towards their cost of the IVF procedure.  We request a minimum donation of $25 (please add $3 for shipping costs) for the purchase of each t-shirt.  You can use the “Donate” button below to pre-order.  Please include your address and shirt size when submitting your donation through PayPal.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

fundraiser fine print:

We want you to know how grateful we are for any financial help you give toward this fundraiser.  We also want to be ethical and transparent about how we use the money that is given to us so that you can be sure your money is going where you intend it to go. Here are a few things we want you to know when you donate to this fundraiser.

  • Money donated through our PayPal account (the “Donate” button) is subject to a PayPal fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction if paid by credit card.  This means that if you donate $10 towards the fundraiser, we only see $9.41 of it (or if you donate $100, we only see $96.80).  We feel these fees are totally worth the ease, security and accessibility that PayPal offers, but we want you to know that a portion of your donation will go toward these fees. If you have a PayPal balance or a bank account set up on your PayPal account, these fees can be avoided.  Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  • Your donation will not be tax deductible.  Oh, how we wish it could be, but the time and cost associated with becoming an eligible non-profit is simply not within our means.  Read more about tax deductible donations here andhere.  If you have other questions, contact your accountant – he or she is probably much smarter than we are!
  • We have set up a separate bank account specifically for donations.  We want to be sure there is no confusion between our day-to-day money and the money you have given us specifically for fundraising.  Our PayPal account is linked to this bank account and any other donations will also be deposited directly into this account.
You have our promise that we will be excellent stewards of your generosity.  We are so thankful for your support and your thoughts and prayers for this family are coveted as well.

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