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15 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Dear Karen: God bless you and your family. What a wonderful experience to read in such an eloquent manner what I have tried to share with some for the last 13 years of my life. I was married twice and made many mistakes. But, I learned from them and the biggy I really learned is this: Marriage is built as a triangle…you at one of the bottom angles and your spouse at the other with God at the peak. As you go through your lives together, the closer you grow to God the closer to grow to each other. I promise, it works. Thank you for sharing. t

  2. Hey Karen, I know your brother-in-law Marc (our parents were great friends back in the day) and I found your blog thru your sister. I am currently enduring a 2nd divorce and feel that you may have a great deal of advice to give since you were once in my shoes. Would it be possible for us the possibly communicateven thru email some? Love love love your blog. It’s awesome just getting to see thru the eyes ofeveryday people.

  3. Karen, I like your site. Originally I got on it to look at your chicken feeder (google search), I haven’t seen one with a meter before and I think that is neat. Then I looked around at your other blogs and I see the Lord has blessed your family. As a pastor and now an evangelist for a combined 35 years I am glad to see God’s children being a testimony and ministering online.

    I don’t do Facebook. Never have and never will (I have my reasons), but I may check your blog and read some posts from time-to-time.

    Bro. Art

  4. I wrote this letter to help my Son-in-law, who was making his whole world about my daughter, and he was loosing her; so I thought I would share it with you. I read your letters – God bless!


    Yes, the ego is the center of the universe when it comes to marketing; TV shows and commercials, video games, internet, magazines, bill boards, music, news papers, etc. (Because it sells) These are the things that are teaching our youth, because Mom & Dad think that their time, after a hard day of work, should belong to themselves and not their children; so they allow their kids to be babysat by these conduits of conduct that are in place for only one reason; to sell something by inspiring their audiences ego.
    I agree, we are responsible for how we use our ego to protect our heart; but, is it really protecting our heart, or is it overriding our heart to gain control of our surroundings so that our faults could hide in the shadows? Let me share with you about the perfection of life! There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, nor strong or weak; there is just life; but the ego believes in right & wrong. We all have strengths and weaknesses, every single one of us, but that’s not what they really are, they’re gifts. When we measure, label, & judge we fail to see the truth of what is; we become blinded by the measurement, by the label we put on it, and the judgment that changes it from what it truly is to what we need it to be, so that it serves us and our needs, our ego.
    To measure, label, and judge is what we all have been taught; it is called “life in this world as we know it”. But there is another life; “it is in this world but not of it”. It is your heart! I can explain it this way: a marriage counselor had asked me to make a list of 20 things I want in my marriage. Upon sitting with the marriage counselor and talking about the 20 things I had written; some of which are – for my spouse to believe in me, to have respect for me as the man, and to trust my decisions – we spoke about each of the 20 things in detail and how they applied within the relationship. When we finished discussing all 20 things; the counselor said to me, “these 20 things you want in your marriage, you must, first, do them for yourself, before you can expect them from someone else. And when you have done all these things for yourself, then and only then, you will no longer put those expectations on the other person. Instead, you will now be able to notice others who have also done these things for themselves, and then your lives could be shared openly without the ball-and-chain that is created when we inject expectations into our relationships.”
    Put another way; learn to love yourself, who you are, first; for if you do not know a love for yourself, what love, then, do you have to offer anyone else; and what foundation is that love for someone else built on, if not built from within, first. This is truly the heart, in its fullest; and only the heart can teach the ego to love and not judge. And the greatest judgment the ego has is a judgment of itself – YOU.
    This is the only true marriage in life; and its journey is 14” long, from the heart (soul) to the mind (ego). When we embrace this marriage, IT THEN YEARNS TO “SHARE” ITS’ SPLENDOR WITH ANOTHER. But the World wants to teach us that marriage is between a man and a woman, and when they get married “they become one”. Think about that: “they become one”; really? Which one do they become? They are set-up to fail from the beginning. The only True Marriage is when the Heart and the Mind become one “In Life”.
    In the World, (as an example) man and woman come together to make One, a child, when they “Share” with each other. Therefore, it is when they “Share” they “Make One”; they do not “Become One”. When they “Share” their individual gifts with each other, it can be said, they become one force “together”, but they do not “Become One” body. They each must maintain their individual gifts in order for them to “Makeup the One Force Together”.

    For Your Heart and Ego to Become As One
    By way of:
    Accept your divinity; see all that you are as a gift, without faults
    Stop beating yourself up; your uniqueness deserves your respect
    Get excited, and overwhelmed about you, with gratitude

  5. Hi Karen, I have a rather personal issue going on with my marriage and I was wondering if I could email you for some advice. I really enjoy your posts btw!

  6. I read your blog about “10 Marriage Tips Every Wife Needs to Hear” and LOVED IT.

    Long story really short, I sell Cake Toppers on Etsy and was trying to put together a little “advice” card to ship with every order. Would you mind if I copied and pasted this with your blog site?

    I feel like your 10 tips were everything I was trying to say and some!



  7. I really enjoyed your article and for most of the 28 yrs I have been with my husband I’ve lived those tips. I’m having difficulty lately because I found out he was having an emotional affair with a co-working and getting naked pics from another one for over 18 months. How can I respect this man after this? I know why there was a disconnect between us during this time, but in no way did that excuse his behavior.
    Thanks for reading,

    • No, it absolutely does not excuse his behavior. You don’t have to respect his choices to respect him as a person. I don’t really know the details of your situation, but I know that even when our loved ones hurt us, we can still show respect. I would definitely recommend seeking marriage counseling, however. It is possible to overcome infidelity in a marriage, but I would never recommend doing so without professional help. My prayers are with you, Mary.

  8. I read this blog to my husband and he asked if I had written it! We have been married for 44 years and are so much IN LOVE. I am currently sharing these very principles with several young wives with the hope that they, too, can experience the wonderful,loving relationship that I have with my husband. Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your man!

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